Adjusting Our Living to Be Able to Keep a Vacation Spot Year Round

We wanted to work out a way to keep our jobs in Virginia and have a vacation spot to retreat to in the winter when we could take our vacation time all at once. My contract allowed three weeks time off for vacation. My wife had the same amount of time for her vacation. The only way we could take all three weeks at once was if it was in the winter. We went over our budget and looked for apartments for rent in Newport News VA that had lower rent than what we were paying. Our goal was to also lease a very small place someplace warm year round.

We considered renting vacation properties for just three weeks out of the year, but we really wanted our own place where we could take our dogs with us and not be bothered. By finding lower cost apartments for rent in Newport News VA, we were able to adjust our budget enough to get our vacation place a few hundred miles south close to the water. It does not get brutally cold here in Newport News, but the sun is a lot friendlier a few states south, especially about mid February. That is when we typically take our vacation. We come back ready to face the rest of the winter as spring quickly approaches.

We did not give up anything by moving to Autumn Lakes. We have a nice apartment with big rooms, ample parking, a balcony and rent that is much more affordable than where we were living at. Plus, we can have our two dogs. That was the key thing in us getting an apartment. I have heard of people giving up their pets to move, but we would absolutely never do that with our dogs. They are family to us.