The Boss Needs a New Place to Live

It was not really his idea, but of course his wife caught him creeping around and now he needs a new place to lay his head down. The amazing thing is that he seems genuinely shocked that he was caught. Everyone in the office knew about him and the accountant, aside from that he is pretty much a jerk to just about everyone unless he thinks he gains something by being nice. So almost everyone had a good enough reason to snitch him out. He is moving into a place called Treasure at Tampines in Singapore, which is probably an eight story condo building right across from the Tampines Mall. At any rate I have spent most of this week trying to do my normal job while he has me moving his stuff out of the place he lives now. He seems genuinely afraid to show his face around the wife and I am not sure that I blame him. She is really steamed about this situation. Of course I have no clue what I am supposed to move and so I am talking on the phone, she is nice to me while she yells at the phone I am talking on.

Of course I have the company truck, but it is not very big really. It is designed to get around the city and not designed to carry all of the furniture in an apartment, so I had to rent a bigger truck once I got down to the big stuff. That was not so big of a deal, except that the guy who is helping me keeps trying to get me to let him drive it. I would not trust the guy to push a shopping cart for the most part and since the truck is my responsibility, there is not any chance he drives it.